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Expat Property For Rent in Mumbai

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Mumbai is the largest commercial hub and hence, it gives plenty of employment opportunities for majority of the people. It also opens the door for business people to extend their businesses. Expatriates renting a property located in Mumbai will get themselves immersed in the stiff competition which defines Mumbai's rental market. Supply is low, Rental prices are high, and finding a decent apartment is vital for one’s standard of life in the city.

Property is very expensive to buy, hence most expatriates will end up renting. This offers the flexibility to look for accommodation nearer to work at a low price and an exit option in the event of any dissatisfaction. Mumbai is rapidly changing. There are a group of infrastructure projects underway and plenty more vehicles on the road, and hence travelling by road becomes a time-consuming affair. It's therefore important to get a property near to work so as to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Types of accommodation Found in Mumbai

Depending on one’s social needs, budget, community and preferences, rental properties may be found in almost any location of the city. Almost any type of residential property is available from semi furnished, fully furnished, and unfurnished apartments and houses, fully furnished apartments for rent in mumbai,

and shared accommodation.

Serviced apartments are popular with younger and single expatriates, and those on shorter assignments. Serviced apartments category is additionlly convenient for expatriatess who may not seek to get involved with formalities of renting an apartment. Several five-star hotels like the Taj, Four Seasons, and Hyatt have serviced apartments wthat are used by expatriates, especially when they initially arrive, before they've decided on their leased accommodation. The rental rates here are often more than INR 100,000 each month.

Consider rental accommodation proximity

Mumbai has a huge expatriate community. Any person with a good knowledge of English should find living in Mumbai comfortable. Where expatriates have limited knowledge of English, selecting the correct property for rent in Mumbai becomes even more vital. In addition to residing close to the
work place, for expatriate population, selecting property in close proximity to shops should be a vital deciding factor.

Expatriates living in Mumbai with their families would also have to factor in the quality of education for their children. The American school is in Bandra and the German and French schools are in South Mumbai.

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Tips for locating a property in Mumbai

Fathom the location and geography of your place of work or main activity and figure out the quickest and most cost-effective mode of transport from your home to your workplace.
Arrive at a budget... then later increase it by ten percent. Visit various properties: thoroughly study the quality of the structure, the neighborhood, water supply, features and amenities offered by the society, the surrounding social infrastructure (entertainment / shopping / restaurants / security / healthcare / type of neighbors), and quality of fittings.

Some of the properties available for rent in Mumbai include;

  • 5BHK Furnished Expatriate Standard Rental Apartment in Ghatkopar charging INR 220,000/month negotiable
  • 2 BHK rental apartment complete with balconies in Gurunanak Park Bandra going for INR 170,000/month
  • 1BHK Expat Furnished Rental Apartment in 14th Road Khargoing for INR 63,000/month
  • Huge Fully furnished 3BHK rental apartment in Almeida Park Bandra going for INR 300,000/month negotiable 
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